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Sep 19

家长华文讲座 : "怎么管,才有效", 王雪伦女士 主讲

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Tickets containing "identical name" will be deleted automatically by our system. If your tickets have "identical name", please re-register online with exact name of each attendees. Act early to avoid disappointment. 一个名字只登记一张票,而且是实名制。重复的名字将会被自动删除。如有重复名字,请你重新上网登记,填报个人实名,以免失望。

Declarations : PTA has decided against the online payment offers by Eventbrite as we do not wish to pass on their imposed ticket

About this Event

Declarations :

  1. Due to Covid-19, this talk will be held through Zoom meeting, and only open to RVH PTA member.
  2. Members who wish to attend the vitual talk are required to pre-register your attendance
  3. Please take note that each family should only register ONE ticket



本次讲座主要是关于儿童和青少年的电子产品使用规则制定: How to manage your child’s use of electronic devices effectively


  • 如何给孩子设定电子产品的使用规则
  • 如何与孩子交流关于不良行为会带来的后果
  • 如何处理孩子破坏规则的情况
  • 教导孩子自我冷静和控制情绪的方法


Date: 19 Sept 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Venue: Zoom meeting


演讲者简介 (王雪伦女士 Ms Shelen Ang)

  • 经理 : Morning Star Community Services
  • 教育学硕士学位(专注于青少年学习): Master of Arts in Christian Education, Major in Youth Studies from Southwestern Baptist,Theological Seminary, Texas, USA
  • 文学系荣誉学位 (中文研究 ): Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Chinese Studies from National University of Singapore
  • 专家 育儿教育、青少年学习、家庭生活教育和家庭关系: specialistes in parenting, youth relationships, communication with teens, family life education, family trends )



  • 只有 RVHSPTA 会员才可以注册本次讲座.
  • 所有注册参加此次讲座的会员,将会在注册截止后收到Zoom Link, 以便参加讲座。
  • 注册链接: 
  • 有意报名的学生家长们,请在9月15日 前点击 "Attend Event" 注册。 每户家庭只需注册一位家长。




Event information:

  • Name: 家长华文讲座 : "怎么管,才有效", 王雪伦女士 主讲
  • Date: 19, Sep 2020
  • Time: 10am-1130pm
  • Address: Zoom Meeting
  • Contact Person: NA
  • Phone: NA
  • Email:
  • Website:


SG Business

Joined on 02, Sep 2020  

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