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15 Sep

Where to get your future read in Singapore

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Game enough to see what the stars have in store for you in the future? Fortune tellers await you in Singapore…

Living in Singapore, you can’t really avoid how superstitions are a part of our culture. Despite how we’ve come so far with infrastructure, technology, and public transportation, Hungry Ghost Month is still a highly revered event. While it’s an occasional amusement to read up what the stars have in store for us, we’ve also had some legit accurate fortune readings in our time. If ever you need some spiritual and astrological insight into your future, check out these folks we rounded up.

Kelly: Tarot reader, spiritual messenger, healer and lightworker

Kelly Lightworker | Fortune Tellers Singapore

Photography: Kelly Lightworker via Facebook

Specialising in tarot and psychic readings, Kelly has collaborated with many brands at their events. Kelly describes herself as a natural-born spirit channel and psychic medium, and she uses her gifts to facilitate healing, guidance and breakthrough to those who seek assistance along difficult crossroads in their lives’ journeys. Set an appointment now to clear your head!
Kelly, make an appointment online.

Gypsee Jenny: Psychic, healer, spiritual teacher

On top of psychic readings, Jenny also deals with crystal healing, office and home energising, and also meditation. Jenny specialises in spiritual healing for those who needed help physically, emotionally, mentally and for any situational matters and uses Reiki (energy healing) and crystals to enhance the process.
Gypsee Jenny, make an appointment online.

Lynda Woolf: Psychic

Based in Singapore, Lynda is a world famous psychic, and is great at coaching and mentoring, as well as seeing the future and advising you on how to use that to your advantage. She travels globally putting on workshops and counselling one on one with clients. And she does all of this with a sense of humour.
Lynda Woolf, 19 Shelford Road, Singapore 288408

The J-RO rose quartz face roller by Julisa is spherical and inspired by the full moon

Employees Only: Palm Reading

Wait, what? Isn’t Employees Only a bar – and an exceptionally popular one in New York? Yes but if you see the neon sign that says ‘Psychic’ lit up, and someone sitting at the window (Employees Only SG has a mentalist, a palm reader or a tarot reader on duty on selected nights), know that it is all right for you to go up to get your fortune read. Honeycombers Editor Selina had an (almost) entirely accurate palm reading, and we hear the mentalist will tell you straight up what your first kiss was. Whether you’re pleased with the outcome or all shook up, head to the back of the bar for a tipple to calm your nerves.
Employees Only, 112 Amoy Street, Singapore 069932

Mamatha Ramachandra: Tarot reader

Tara Light Within | Mamatha Ramachandra | Fortune tellers and tarot readers in Singapore

Photography: Tara Light Within via Facebook

Having learnt tarot from a gypsy woman in London eons ago, Mamatha, now based in Singapore, has been dabbling Tarot card readings for over 12 years at Tara Light Within. She has an international clientele and combines ancient wisdom with the mysterious art of tarot card reading to guide her clients through their challenges in life. While you’re at it, you can even take up a course on Tarot reading at Tara Light Within!
Tara Light Within, make an appointment via email.

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom: Aura Reading

Wanna know the kind of vibes you’re giving off? Go for an aura reading and you’ll be surprised to know the results. Reading your aura isn’t just skin-deep; it delves deeper into things that you can’t see. It’s basically an electromagnetic field associated with our body, mind and energy. The aura photograph usually features splashes of red, orange, green, blue and violet and this is when you’ll discover what each colour signifies.
Kang Li Mineral Kingdom, make an appointment before visiting the shop at #01-08/24/25, #02-08/09, Fu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road, Singapore 188425

SG Business

Joined on 02, Sep 2020  

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