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06 Jun

How to buy outdoor iron tables and stools?

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Outdoor iron tables and chairs are generally divided into the following two categories: methods/steps iron, metal tables and chairs are traditional materials for gardens and public places, iron tables and chairs it rough and exquisite coexist, is the most suitable outdoor furniture in the garden, its materials are exquisite, the style of the atmosphere, heavy, relatively and on the points of texture, outdoor iron tables and chairs are generally divided into the following two categories: the first category: wrought tables and chairs (low carbon steel tables and chairs) wrought is mainly by hand Forging production of iron products, then this iron product is characterized by pure material, low carbon content, its products are very delicate workmanship, fine workmanship, smooth surface patterns are also very rich, is the first choice for home decoration. This is also known as low carbon steel tables and chairs, so we are in the purchase of this wrought iron tables and chairs from those aspects to see the advantages and disadvantages? The first thing is to see whether the product itself is smooth material, whether the product surface is bumped, whether the paint spraying is smooth, whether the effect of painting with, these are only surface issues, then it is to see whether the product is shaped arc smooth and natural, whether the pattern is symmetrical, whether the polishing is smooth, good iron products in the polishing is not to hurt the pipe, in addition, is the welding, the high-grade Iron products in the front of the product is not visible welding points, in short, high-grade iron products give people a very noble feeling, texture! The overall product design and production are full of an aura, straight in the curve, straight in the curve! Very subtle!


The second category: is cast iron or cast steel iron products these outdoor iron tables and chairs products are used in molds to fix the molding, and then sprayed with outdoor metal powder to color, the appearance of such products is mostly thick, rugged, and very textured, most of the products are more expensive, in addition to its more brittle, almost not easy to rust, durable, but cast aluminum products compared to cast iron products slightly smooth and delicate appearance. The price is also relatively more expensive!


So what to pay attention to when selecting these products?

The first is to see whether the casting lines are smooth, casting surface is smooth without pits, and then whether the weld is neat, whether there are bulges and other phenomena, and finally is to see whether the appearance of scratches (such tables and chairs scratch on the use of the product does not affect) whether there is a bulge, uneven powder spraying and so on. Wrought iron products and cast iron products both only combine with each other to reflect the true beauty of the art of iron!


How to buy outdoor iron tables and stools.

1. As you choose indoor furniture, choose outdoor furniture that matches your taste in life.

2. according to your income and purchasing power determine the price you can accept. 3.

3. Look carefully at the different outdoor furniture materials to see if they match the style of your garden and gazebo.

4. Use/look for specially manufactured outdoor chair seat cushions that are resistant to mildew, sunlight and tears. The interior padding should be a non-absorbent and fast-drying polyester material.

5. Before buying outdoor furniture, try and be sure that the chairs and stools are comfortable when you sit in them.


How to design the iron entryway shoe cabinet?

One, the entrance shoe cabinet decoration planning in the choice of the entrance shoe cabinet, generally will be relatively flexible, such as the entrance shoe cabinet not only has the function of putting shoes. You can also set up a few put umbrellas, keys and other thoughtful functions set up according to the actual needs of the family. In addition, the shoe cabinet is a visual focus of the door, if the design is outstanding, then color, shade and style can be unified with the overall style of the living room.

Second, the entrance shoe cabinet design depends on the room for the entrance smaller family, it is recommended that the shoe cabinet door be designed into the sliding door, the thickness is not too large, and the capacity to store 10 pairs of shoes is appropriate. Another "hanging" on the wall of the combination of shoe cabinets, is very space-saving, the shape is also very special, you can try it. On the contrary, if the living room area is larger, you can install double doors, and high and functional shoe cabinets, but also separately with a shoe change stool, umbrella barrel, etc.

Third, the entrance shoe cabinet aesthetic concerns in addition to the entrance in the design of the group number in two steps, one is to make a beautiful, multi-purpose small shoe cabinet in the entrance. Second, in other storage spaces, such as dressing room closets, bedroom bed bottom and other places for shoes reserved for some locations, the seasonal and infrequently worn shoe storage is the inside.


How to maintain an iron bedside table?

Iron furniture generally has a novel shape, is light and beautiful, durable, and easy to disassemble or fold the characteristics of the public favorite. However, if the use and maintenance are not appropriate, often make the original very durable and good-looking iron soon loses luster. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of iron furniture, the following maintenance measures waterproof moisture reduction sun if the rainy season, after the rain stopped should be promptly dried on the surface of the metal furniture stained with water beads. Iron furniture around the best not to set aside humidifiers, drying wet clothes, while avoiding direct sunlight outside the window indoor iron furniture to prevent oxidation of metal deterioration or surface paint fading and dry cracking peeling, available dark curtains or blackout blinds to block the direct light coming in.   Refuse acid and alkali to get rid of rust stains should try to avoid splashing on the iron has a corrosive effect of acid and alkali potion (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water, etc.), if inadvertently stained, should immediately clean the dirt, and then wipe with a dry cotton cloth. To prevent metal rust, you can regularly wipe the surface part with a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to keep the iron furniture as shiny as new. If you find that the furniture has begun to have rust spots, you should use cotton yarn dipped in machine oil to apply to the rust as early as possible, so that you can get rid of the rust stains, and not directly sandpaper and other brown materials to polish Please ask the iron

Iron guardrail to how to maintain?

1, guardrail storage point if only general outdoor air humidity, as long as it is not a very poor quality guardrail facilities rust is no problem, but such as foggy weather, south wind, should promptly use a dry cotton cloth to remove the water droplets on the guardrail, if the rain, to dry the water on the guardrail after the rain stops, do a good job of zinc steel guardrail moisture-proof work.

2, guardrail in order to avoid metal rust, can regularly use a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to wipe the surface layer local, and adhere to the iron railing shiny as new. If you find that the railing once began to have rust spots, should be used as soon as possible with cotton yarn dipped in machine oil coated in rust, so as to get rid of the rust, never directly with sandpaper and other brown material to stop polishing, which will destroy the surface of the guardrail rust layer, thus leading to a large area of rust.

3, most of the guardrail is used in the outdoor, outdoor dust flying, over time zinc steel guardrail will have floating dust floating, directly affecting the gloss and beauty of the guardrail, due to the long-term erosion of the sand will directly lead to the breakage of the protective film on the surface of the guardrail, so to regularly wipe the outdoor zinc steel guardrail facilities, generally wipe with soft cotton fabric is good. For some small galvanized guardrail manufacturers due to cost savings, galvanized thickness does not reach the standard, so it is easy to be worn protective layer thus rusting guardrail hazards security.

4, do not use sharp objects to scratch the surface coating of the balcony guardrail, generally speaking, the coating is to prevent the guardrail rust corrosion, if there is a need to remove a part of the guardrail, just remember to install a good fixed part of the rest, to prevent children from climbing on the balcony play, etc., can effectively prevent the occurrence of falling events, improve the balcony safety factor.


Lianjiang is pleased to deliver Patio furniture, Street Lighting, Garden Decoration Casting Part. Safe payment and on time deliver time will give you. The Casting Tooling adopts Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Die-Casting, Vacuum Design.


jun wang

Joined on 06, Jun 2022  

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