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13 Sep

20 Must-Have Apps For Living in Singapore

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One very useful and practical information about Singapore is how technologically adept it is especially in the area of mobile technology. The use of apps has become mainstream, from calling a taxi to ordering food or even selling and buying clothes. If you really want to live your life fully while in Singapore, it’s best to have these handy apps installed for added convenience and reliability.


Taxis: Grab, Ryde, ComfortDelGro

Singapore has enjoyed an explosion of taxi and ride-sharing apps. Even with the recent withdrawal of Uber, app-based taxi-hailing apps are still very popular. Grab (ios/Android) is now the juggernaut and a very popular everyday choice, mostly for its affordability. All fares are clearly displayed upfront. Ryde (ios/Android) is a close competitor that posits itself as a car-pooling app where payment is per person and could theoretically reduce costs if more people flag the same cab. ComfortDelGro (ios/Android) uses full-time taxi drivers so you’ll get extremely capable drivers who know where they are supposed to go. However, it will cost you more as there is a whole bunch of extra charges involved.

Public transit: Explore Singapore MRT Map, bus@sg and Citymapper

Explore Singapore MRT Map (ios/Android) has been rated as the best subway map of Singapore, immeasurably useful as it can get confusing with the number of lines and new ones constantly in construction. bus@sg (ios/Android) is essential when using the bus service, as it tells you when a bus is scheduled to arrive in real-time and additionally allows you to mark bus stops you use often to get your information quicker. Lastly, Citymapper (ios/Android) is a really powerful app that tells you a lot of key details in your journey around Singapore like which carriage is less packed and the various routes you can use to get to your destination. It even mentions any inconveniences like road jams or train breakdowns so you can prepare alternative routes in advance.

Citymapper & Grab interface © Tarandip Kaur

Food: Deliveroo, GrabFood, Burpple, Chope

When it comes to food, you will want to use both Deliveroo (ios/Android) and GrabFood (ios/Android) when making your orders. This will allow you to compare pricing, preferences in food choices, discounts and even distance and time taken to arrive. If you’re eating anywhere outside an office, house or hotel, remember to be specific with your details as there’s a chance the food may take longer to arrive while the driver searches for you. Chope (ios/Android) and Burpple (ios/Android) are perfect for the occasion when you want to dine in a restaurant and you can use both of them to reserve tables ahead of time. Both apps allow you to search for specific cuisines and locations to narrow down your choices.

Weather: Weather@SG, MyEnv

Weather@SG (ios/Android) has some key integral features that makes it a necessity for your device. It gives weather forecasts and weather observations in advance and in real-time as well, making sure you are always prepared. The most important feature is how it warns you of oncoming hazards such as lightning or heavy rain, knowledge that’s quite useful in this tropical nation. MyENV (ios/Android) is intriguing as not only does it give you weather information, it also tells you the temperature and air quality as well, which can be important when there’s a rare occurrence of haze. It also informs you of degree clusters and since the app is made by the National Environmental Agency, you can even search for hawker centres in various parts of Singapore!

Deliveroo & MyENV interface © Tarandip Kaur


Shopping: Shopee, Zalora, Lazada

This might interest you but a large chunk of shopping in Singapore is done online and these three apps should be your go-to when you feel too lazy to brave public transport or have no desire to face the fickle weather. Shopee (ios/Android) has made enormous waves for offering some great deals and discounts on a whole bunch of diverse goods, from trendy clothes to electronic devices, making it akin to a digital marketplace. Zalora (ios/Android) focuses solely on fashion and offers a massive range of choices from various brands. Lazada (ios/Android) is a platform with a fairly large amount of goods to pick from and, like Shopee, has options for free deliveries and different kinds of payment methods.

Entertainment: Popcorn, Culture Trip

Popcorn (ios/Android) is an app that allows you to book movie tickets and check what’s showing at local theatres. Culture Trip (ios/Android) is jam-packed with information and guides that allow you to get the most out of your trip. It covers the globe and can be integral in finding the best spots whether it’s related to food, culture, architecture, shopping or even hair stylists and barbers!

Shopee & Popcorn interface © Tarandip Kaur


Miscellaneous: NLB Mobile, LalaMove, DBS PayLah!

NLB Mobile (ios/Android) is a real nifty app by the National Library Board (NLB) as it brings the world of books to your app by allowing you to borrow ebooks to read, reserve books in advance, and even borrow physical copies by using the app to scan the barcode. Lalamove (ios/Android) is specifically for hiring on-demand vans or large vehicles for the time you need to move or buy new furniture. You can pick the vehicle shape and size, the number of movers you need, and it’ll calculate the cost before you book. Finally, DBS PayLah! (ios/Android) is an app by one of the biggest banks in Singapore that functions as a mobile wallet where you can transfer funds to others via mobile numbers. You can pay bills, ask for the return of the money you loaned your mate, and even make online purchases or donate to charities if you’re so inclined.

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